Progressive Insurance offering pet insurance in California

Progressive Insurance is providing collision coverage for customers' dogs or cats at no additional premium cost.

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If you're like most of us, nothing gets your tail wagging faster than hitting the open road with your "master" at the wheel and you in the passenger seat, the windows rolled down, the wind in your fur.

But does it ever get stuck in your paw - I mean craw - to think that if something happens and this fancy metal cage with the four donut-shaped rubber chew toys that you're riding in slams into something (your master would call this a "car accident"), your master's car insurance policy would cover everyone in the car...except YOU?

Well, finally, there's one car insurance company that is stepping up and giving man's best friend the stature we're due. The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies announced that it's gone to the dogs - and cats. In most states, a Progressive policy with Collision coverage will now cover its customers' canine and feline four-legged family members.

"Progressive's long history of product and service innovations proves that you can teach an old dog new tricks," said Geoff Souser, product manager, Progressive. "Providing injury insurance for customers' pets that they otherwise wouldn't have is just one example of this."

The new coverage is included on Progressive's policies with Collision coverage at no additional cost. It will pay up to $500 if a customer's dog or cat is hurt or dies as a result of a car accident. Typically, if a person causes an accident, their car insurance policy provides benefits for pets in the other person's car, but the person's own pets are not covered. Progressive is not aware of any other car insurance company that provides this type of first-party coverage for pets.

So tomorrow morning, instead of bringing your master the newspaper, maybe you should fetch the mouse pad and point your master to or have him call 1-800-PROGRESSIVE or a local independent agent, after all agents love your pets too. Make no bones about it, this is one offer worth sniffing out.

Progressive's Pet Injury Insurance is available in 46 states and the District of Columbia; it's not yet available in North Carolina, New Hampshire, New York and Virginia but the company hopes to offer it in those states soon.

About Progressive
The Progressive Group of Insurance Companies, now celebrating its 70th year in business, is the country's third largest auto insurance group and largest seller of motorcycle and personal watercraft policies based on premiums written, and is a market leader in commercial auto insurance.

Progressive is committed to becoming consumers' #1 choice for auto insurance by providing competitive products and rates that meet drivers' needs throughout their lifetimes, superior online and in-person customer service, and best-in-class, 24-hour claims service, including its concierge level of claims service available at service centers throughout the United States.

Source: Progressive Press Release

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