Put your Agency at the Top with a 5-Star Directory Listing!

Our 5-Star California insurance agency directory listings put your agency at the top of the directory list of insurance providers for our search by city, search by zip code and direct link pages.

Site visitors looking for an insurance agent in California are much more likely to choose a 5-Star agency than a regular agency listing. The listings are at the top, very visible and make it simple for visitors to contact you via phone, email, website or via an interactive map.

Sample 5-Star directory listing
Sample Insurance Agency
California Insurance Agent Joe Agent Joe Agent
12345 Main Street, Suite 14
Los Angeles, CA 90025
(213) 234-5678
Contact us today for competitive auto insurance quotes from the top California companies! Serving the Los Angeles area for over 50 years!
Companies: Access General, Allied, Travelers, Progressive, Foremost

Added Features of the 5-Star Agency Listing

  • Positions your agency at the top of the first page of all agency listings, whether searching by city, zip code or direct city link.
  • Your agency is also included in the regular directory, with a bold "5-Star Agency" indicator that, when clicked, takes visitors to your 5-Star listing on the first page of the directory.
  • Stand-out color scheme with bold eye-catching agency name
  • 5-Star Agency graphic to differentiate your agency from the competition
  • Agent photo proven to increase click-through rates
  • Bold agent name with emphasized phone number
  • Email contact link allowing for direct contact with prospects. Agent email addresses are encrypted to help reduce email spam!
  • Website link to direct prospects to your agency website
  • Dynamic interactive map link showing prospects exactly how to find your ageny
  • Information section where you can tell visitors about what you do best
  • 5-Star listings are displayed in a random order each time a page is loaded to give each agency in the same city or zip code equal chance at the top position.
  • Your agency can be seen on any of the THOUSANDS OF PAGES of our website (and growing daily) in our "Featured California Agents" menu section!

Free Inclusion in the Featured California Agents Category

On the right side of almost every page on our website, there is a dynamic "Featured California Agents" category. This component randomly selects 5-Star agents from our database and displays them on each page. When a visitor clicks on your listing, they are taken directly to your agency page allowing them to email you, visit your website, see detailed agency information and see a map of your location.

By clicking on the "View all Featured Agents" link, visitors can browse through all featured agent listings and also find your agency. Not only will you be at the top of your city and zip code search listings, but your agency will also be visible on any of the thousands of pages on our website!

I'm an insurance agent, not a website marketer. What's all this mean?

We don't expect most insurance agents to understand web marketing in-depth, so here it is in a nutshell.

  • You get targeted traffic driven to your site via our California insurance agent directory. Our website is designed to:
    • Encourage visitors to quote online. When a site visitor requests an auto insurance quote on our website, these car insurance leads are provided to select agents who have signed up for California car insurance leads.
    • Contact an agent via our website. As a 5-Star agency, website visitors can contact your via your direct email link, by phone, by visiting your agency website via a link from our site, and by using our interactive map to locate your agency.
    We highly recommend participating in our auto insurance leads, as there is no better way to obtain qualified, targeted leads than from our online quote submissions.
  • You get targeted traffic driven to your site via our articles that we are continuously building. Our articles are written to attract traffic from search engines, and this results in higher search engine results placement (SERPs), more traffic and MORE EXPOSURE FOR YOUR AGENCY!

    If you'd like to gain even more traffic to your website and write articles about auto insurance coverages and exposures, click here!
  • Maybe you've heard that it's important to have links coming to your website in order to rank high in the search engines. Not all links carry the same value, however. A link from an online fantasy football blog will have little impact on your insurance agency website! But a link from a California auto insurance website... You get the picture. Topically-related links are just better!

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