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Filing a car insurance claim
Having a vehicle damaged in an accident is painful enough. Follow these steps to make the claim process as painless as possible.
Cheap California Car Insurance
Buying car insurance online is a personal choice. By following these auto insurance buying tips, you can make sure you save the most money!
Teenage Insurance
Everyone wants cheap car insurance. Find out how these factors impact your car insurance premiums
California liability insurance
Think you can drive without liability insurance? Think again! Find out what you HAVE to know about car insurance in California!
The Consequences of Not Having Auto Insurance

When young adults graduate college they have aspirations of starting their first "real world" job, getting their own place and buying a brand new car.

Do You Know the Auto Insurance Basics?

If you drive, you know how crazy it gets out there. Accidents happen, fenders get bent, people get hurt.

Children and Auto Accidents - Are seat belts to blame?

Nearly 500 children between the ages of five and nine are killed each year in auto accidents, and over 100,000 are injured due to improper seat belt use.

Auto Insurance For Pimped Out Rides

With the popularity of custom car TV shows such as "Pimp My Ride," personalized cars are hotter than ever.

Save On Auto Insurance with a Hybrid

Between gas prices and the economy, American drivers are having trouble deciding what autos to buy.

8 Things You Should Know About Auto Insurance

Dealing with the ins and outs of auto insurance can be as tricky and confusing as trying to untie the Gordian knot.

Top 5 Proven Ways to Lower your Car Insurance Rates

There are alot of money-saving tips floating around to save money on car insurance, but these are the top five that are guaranteed to save you the most money!

Should you Buy Car Insurance Online or Through an Agent?

If your California car insurance policy is due to renew and you are considering shopping online for the best insurance rates, there are pros and cons of buying your auto insurance online. Insurance companies are battling for your business, and whether you buy online or through a local agent, read these pros and cons of buying auto insurance through an online company.

How to Find Low-Cost Car Insurance in California

If you meet certain eligibility requirements, you could buy car insurance in California for less than $400 a year!

SR-22 filings and California SR-22 car insurance

Need a SR22 in California? A California Insurance Proof Certificate (SR22) filing is required in certain situations. Find out what you need to know about California SR-22 car insurance.

How are the value of my car and the cost of repair determined?

Have you ever wondered who exactly determines the value of your car after a car accident? Find out how to maximize the value of your settlement.

Car insurance companies: OEM vs aftermarket replacement parts

Can your insurance company require you to use aftermarket replacement parts instead of original-equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts?

Tips and Guidelines for Buying a Safer Vehicle

All cars are not equal. When buying a new car in California, follow these guidelines and helpful tips to ensure you are buying the safest vehicle you can afford.

Is there a difference between cancellation and nonrenewal?

Cancellation and nonrenewal are very different methods of policy termination. This article demonstrates the difference.

Do I need insurance to rent a car?

Car rental insurance can be expensive if purchased from the rental company. This article discusses if you should buy the coverage offered by the rental company.

How do I insure my teenage driver?

If you have teenage children, follow these guidelines to make sure they're properly insured

Credit rating and your California auto insurance premiums

Have you had some late credit card payments? You could be paying more for your California car insurance as a result

How much California car insurance do I need?

Do you know how much car insurance you need? This article discusses California car insurance and recommended limits

Car insurance agencies in our agent directory offer affordable auto insurnace in every California city and town. Agents write with a variety of companies including, but not limited to: Allied, Farmers Insurance, Access General, State Farm car insurance, Travelers, Foremost, Safeco, Chubb, Encompass, Fireman's Fund, AIG, American General, Progressive car insurance, Allstate auto insurance, Mercury, AAA California, GMAC, and Liberty Mutual.

Online auto insurance quotes from companies such as Geico car insurance, Progressive Direct car insurance, and can be quoted on our online auto insurance quotes page.